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Bowling Alley


Chicago Pride league is affiliated with several bowling related organizations.  

Bowling Shoes

International Gay Bowling Organization


IGBO seeks to promote the sport of bowling and enrich the lives of individuals through league building and tournaments around the world. IGBO is guided by the principles of community, inclusion, and solidarity as we: 

  • provide educational opportunities to local communities about bowling, LGBTQ+ history, and other topics of importance; 

  • build communication avenues between member leagues, joining LGBTQ+ communities together in solidarity; 

  • and plan social opportunities to promote the sport of bowling and to enrich the lives of individual athletes through leagues and tournaments.


United States Bowling Congress

USBC is the National Governing Body for bowling providing standardized rules, regulations and benefits for our members.

USBC is committed to forging new relationships to remove any perceived barriers in the sport of bowling. 

USBC ensures all bowling balls, pins and more are inspected and certified, ensuring a fair and competitive game for all USBC members.

Your membership ensures that you bowl under nationally recognized rules and regulations.

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