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The Petersen Classic has long been one of bowling’s grand events. Founded in 1921 by Louis P. Petersen, the tournament now enters its 114th edition in 2024. As founder of the first local proprietors’ association and the driving force behind the largest-ever bowling event, the 1918 National Patriotic Tournament, Petersen was one of Chicago’s pioneer bowling promoters. But Petersen’s goal was to plan the richest bowling tournament in history, with a first-place payoff of $1,000.

It is that time of the year again for the 2024 Petersen Classic!  For those of you not familiar with the tournament, it runs from May 10th through September 1st and the first place prize is $12,000.  Format is bowling eight games across 16 lanes.  After each game, you will move over a pair to the right.  There is usually a small break after game three and game six.  


This is not your average bowling tournament by any means.  Those that have bowled it know what I am talking about.  Each lane has completely different "conditions".  Be prepared for your ball to skid all the way down (perhaps even back-up) or hit the lane and dive left.  There are no arrows or dots and pins are overweight and cracked.  This is not for bowlers that take their game too seriously.  I have had games under 100 and frames of total count less than five.  But, if done right, you will laugh your way through these games.


Here is all of the important information:


Squad Date & Time: Sunday, July 28th at 5:30PM.


Entry fee: $100


Entry information and payment: Complete the attached registration form and e-mail it to me no later than 6/21/24.  We must have our final list and final payment to the Petersen no later than 6/28/24.  Please Zelle me your registration fee to also by 6/21/24.


Location: Bowlero Vernon Hills.  316 Center Dr., Vernon Hills IL


Tournament Website:


Optional Events:  You may also sign up for optional events the day of the tournament.  They include doubles, trios, seniors, etc.


I do suggest that you arrive early, maybe up to an hour.  It is a good idea to watch some games for the squad before us.  You'll be able to see the lane conditions and the set-up.  Also, they aren't the most organized, so check-in may take a while.  If all runs smooth, it's a good reason to have a beer or five and relax.


Please let me know whether you plan to bowl so I can get a final list.  Also, if you know of anyone that wants to bowl, please feel free to let me know and I'll include them on the list.  Or, feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone that you think would like to join us.  Just make sure they get in touch with me so they can be added to our squad.

--Michael Thiry

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